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When you come to WTJ, we want you to experience something different. You should expect excellence—we’ll give you more.

Who We Are

We are defined not only by our values, mission, and clients, but also by our team. Get to know the people that make WTJ unique.

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The traditional law firm is out—dedication, teamwork, balance, and happy attorneys are in. Become a part of something better.

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WTJ Law provides specialized legal representation in a new way. We offer a measured and resolute methodology for cases—whether it’s the inception of a business deal, an innovative process for solving problems, or a collaborative approach to litigation, should settlement fail.

Our team’s skill in navigating complex litigation and business transactions has been honed over many years through our collective experiences, assuring our clients a level of excellence exclusive to WTJ.
Areas of Expertise

We believe that the people we spend our time with influence our values, beliefs, and personalities. We consistently go above and beyond for our clients and community, and would not be who we are without them—that’s why we give back.

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April 27, 2021

WTJ is excited to announce that it is moving to a new location that will enhance its commitment to a collaborative approach to serving its clients that results in excellence.